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Watching e-cigarette ads influences the intent to use the product (AJPM)

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In November 2015, researchers from Department of Health, Florida and Research Triangle Park, North Carolina published an article in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine entitled, “A Randomized Control Trial of the Effect of E-cigarette TV Advertisements on Intentions to Use E-cigarettes.”
The study tested whether exposure to e-cigarette advertisements influence the intent to use e-cigarettes in the future and affect related attitudes towards e-cigarettes. A randomized control experiment was carried out using an online survey. The adolescents in the treatment group viewed four e-cigarette TV advertisements.
The results showed that the odds of future e-cigarette use was higher amongst the treatment group, compared to the control group.  It was concluded that e-cigarette advertising has a persuasive effect on adolescents experimenting with the use of e-cigarettes.
Read the American Journal of Preventive Medicine study.