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Vaping Not a Safe Alternative to Cigarettes (Ramapo News, Pauline Park)

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According to an October 21, 2015 article published by The Ramapo News of Ramapo College of New Jersey, on October 8 a fire alarm was set off in Bischoff Hall dormitory due to a Vape/electronic cigarette being used inside of the residence hall. This event highlighted the fact that there is a skyrocketing popularity for “vaping “ amongst teenagers and college students due to increased advertisements of e-cigarettes in television and magazines.

Debra Lukacsko, associate director of Health Services on campus, was interviewed via email for accurate information and advice regarding the effects of smoking. She reminded everyone that smoking brings in a toxic substance to the human body and may cause systematic physiological changes to the entire body. Other harms include, shortening of lifespans, diminishing lung capacity, and yellowing of the teeth.