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The Truth Initiatives analysis of two studies shows e-cigarette ads influence youth

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In May 2014, The Truth Initiative (formerly The Legacy Foundation) published a report on the exposure of teens and youths to e-cigarettes entitled, “Vaporized: E-cigarettes, advertising and youth.” The report discusses to two studies: industry advertising and use and awareness among teens and young adults.

The first study surveyed teenagers and young adults to learn more about their e-cigarette awareness, use, and advertising awareness. The second study analyzed e-cigarette media expenditure data to better understand whether and how e-cigarette advertising is reaching young people.The studies confirmed that teens and young adults are heavily exposed to e-cigarette advertising. The marketing and advertising channels used to create awareness included the retail environment, national television, magazines and the internet.

It was concluded that advertising has significantly raised teens and youth awareness of e-cigarettes, and the use of e-cigarettes is rising rapidly among this age group.

Read the Legacy Health study.