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Smoking liquid nicotine has the same properties as nitric acid, a chemical that causes cancer (MalayOnline)

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Malaysian experts on cancer are of the opinion that the habit of smoking liquid nicotine or electronic cigarette may lead to deadly diseases, namely cancer. The National Cancer Society (NCSM), Cancer Screening Centre, chief medical officer, Dr Dalilah Kamaruddin said liquid nicotine inhaled from an electronic cigarette, has the same properties as nitric acid. She said the acid is a chemical catalyst in the occurrence of cancer in the human body.

“Moreover, you cannot use liquid nicotine no matter how small the dosage, for fear that its absorption into the blood stream may produce mutations which create chemical imbalance in the cells, besides containing glycerin. “In fact vapourised nicotine is similar to nitric acid which may trigger cancer,” she told Bernama when contacted today.

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