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Six Senators urge stronger warnings on E-cigarettes.

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An October 9, 2014, The New York Times story reported that six U.S. Senators are urging federal regulators to require stronger warning labels on e-cigarettes.  Their letter to the Food and Drug Administration outlined how big tobacco companies place extensive health warnings on their e-cigarette packaging. By contrast, many smaller e-cigarette companies have more modest warnings or even advertise health benefits of e-cigarettes that some researchers say are simply unsubstantiated.

The Senators’ propose regulations include a warning that says: “This product contains nicotine derived from tobacco. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.”  In the last six months, federal and state legislators are seeking stronger regulation of electronic smoking devices and their related nicotine liquids.  In addition to seeking a ban on selling and marketing the products to young people, lawmakers have also called for labeling and packaging rules, like requirements.