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Princeton adopts new no-smoking rule (The Daily Princetonian, Jacob Donnelly)

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Princeton University has changed its ‘Rights, Rules, Responsibilities’ to ‘prohibit smoking within 25 feet of all workplaces and buildings of public access.’ Previously, the rules only prohibited smoking in workplaces and public-access areas.

“One of the challenges of New Jersey law is that it does not define a distance outside of a building in which smoking is permitted,” said Greg Cantrell, associate director for the Workplace Safety in the Office of Environmental Health and Safety. “It has some vague language about prohibiting smoking in areas where smoke might be pulled back into a building.” As part of the broad language of the new rules, partially enclosed areas, such as archways, will also be included. “One of the complaints that we heard very loudly from the undergraduates was that there were concerns about going through these archways … where other students were smoking,” Cantrell said.

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