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NYC May Crack Down On Non-Tobacco Smoking Too (gothamist, Miranda Katz).

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According to The Gothamist, the New York City Council is considering a package of bills that would regulate hookah smoking and ban the sale of the hookah mixture (shisha) use to anyone under the age of 21. Councilman Gentile’s bills would regulate hookah lounges that serve non-tobacco shisha (city law already restricts lounges that serve tobacco shisha). Councilman Ydanis A. Rodriguez’s bill would raise the age of sale to 21 to be sold hookah products, like other tobacco products are already required.GASP testified at the Health Committee’s February 25 hearing to educate them on the issues with hookah smoking, and to ask for regulations that require sanitizing and sterilizing the hookah apparatus between sessions.

Read the full 2-25-16 story here (Gothamist).