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NYC Comptroller hosts Rally to stop marketing e-cigarettes to kids (NY1)

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On January 17, 2016, NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer hosted a NYC rally against e-cigarette marketing advertising that is targeted children and teens. He is asking the U.S. Federal Trade Commission to halt to this type of advertising and marketing. NYC Public Advocate Letitia James spoke as well, along with NY State Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal and other dignitaries. The event was hosted at the Upper West Side’s Goddard Riverside Community Center on Columbus Avenue.

Comptroller Stringer invited Karen Blumenfeld, Esq., Executive Director of Global Advisors on Smokefree Policy to speak at the rally, and included a quote in his press release from GASP which stated: “Self-regulation of e-cigarette marketing and advertising clearly doesn’t work. The classic tobacco industry playbook, that was banned for cigarettes, reinvents itself as the bible on how to market e-cigarettes to our most vulnerable population – youth and young adults. Foxes don’t watch the hen house for good reason, which is why this literally exploding e-cigarette market needs swift and comprehensive regulation.”

See photos from the event on GASP’s Facebook page entry for 1-17-16

Watch and read the NY1 News coverage: NY1 Video that features GASP’s Executive Director Karen Blumenfeld, Esq. and NY1′s written story.

Watch the NYC Comptroller’s 1-17-16 rally on YouTube with GASP’s Executive Director Karen Blumenfeld speaking at the 21:05 marker.

Read Comptroller Stringer’s 1-17-16 press release that includes GASP’s quote and follow his tweets on this topic at http://comptroller.nyc.gov/newsroom/