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Sign Requirements and Samples

The New Jersey Smoke-Free Air Act (NJ SFAA) requires posting of signs and specifies required contents of signs. This page describes the requirements, gives recommendations, lists options, and contains five sample signs. The signage requirements are in section 7.a (C.26:3D-61) of the law. Read the full text of the law.

Sample signs that meet the requirements of the SFAA, signs that you can download:

New Jersey Department of Health sample signs.

Posting requirement:The person having control of an indoor workplace or public place shall place a sign in every public entrance to the place, located so as to be clearly visible.

Posting recommendation:Additional signs in areas where smoking might be a problem, such as restrooms or utility areas, may be useful.

Posting options:Sites can also use different signs in different areas, for instance, a larger, more attractive sign at the main entrance and smaller, utilitarian signs at little-used entrances.

Contents requirements:The sign shall indicate that smoking is prohibited, by the use of a symbol, or by letters at least one inch in height. The sign must also state that violators are subject to a fine. (The Act also requires signs for smoking permitted areas.)

Contents recommendations:Citing the law on the sign adds authority and provides the citation for violations of the law. Stating the amount of the fines for violations also adds authority and encourages compliance (though compliance is usually not a problem where signs are posted). Providing the contact information for the local Department of Health, which enforces the Act, is a convenience for employees or members of the public who have questions or complaints, and reduces inappropriate calls to municipal police departments and municipal clerks.

Contents options:Establishments are free to use their own artwork, add additional text (such as directing questions to appropriate staff members or phone numbers), add their logos, use colors that coordinate with their decor or that match their company’s colors or that meet local requirements (such as in historical districts), so long as the signs contain the two minimum requirements, (1) the symbol or letters at least one inch high, and (2) notice that violators are subject to fines.