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Increase in death rates due to smoking in China (South China Morning Post, Alberto Lucas Lopez)

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On October 29, 2015, South China Morning Post reported a study published in The Lancet Journal showing that if rates of smoking continue to increase in China, two million people will die annually from smoking related diseases. The study is displayed by an infographic summary, which concludes that by 2030 death rates will increase to two million Chinese people dying annually, and three million by 2050. This means that one in three young Chinese men will die from smoking. The rate of men smoking has increased while the rate of women smoking has decreased.

The study concluded:

  • 2/3 of the male participants smoked and started later in life
  • Chinese men smoke more than a third of the worlds cigarettes
  • The proportional excess risk among smokers approximately doubled over a 15 year period
  • Ex-smokers who had stopped by choice had little smoking attributed risk more than 10 years after stopping