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E-cigarette explosion breaks Memphis native’s neck, almost paralyzes him for life (New York Daily News, Alfred NG)

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On November 23, 2015  The New York Daily News reported that 29-year old Caples almost lost his life when his e-cigarette exploded. Caples had been smoking the “e-cig” during his work break when the device exploded, breaking his neck, burning his mouth and knocking out his teeth, his sister Colessia Porter said.

Research from the U.S. Fire Administration showed that similar explosions have been linked to faulty batteries. The portion of the e-cig that Caples was smoking from that survived the blast was from Kangertech, a Chinese company founded in 2007. The company said it upholds the “highest quality standards,” according to its website.

Although the company did not respond to a Daily News’ request for comment. Porter said her family was speaking with lawyers and considering suing the e-cigarette company responsible for the explosion. Porter said the dangerous device needs to be taken off the market until it’s properly regulated to prevent these accidents.

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