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Clifton NJ restaurant smoking violations fined $7,698 (The Record, Kaye Nichols)

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The Record media outlet showed that the Beirut Restaurant in Clifton, NJ was fined $7,698 on March 9 for allowing patrons to smoke indoors.  The summons was issued by health inspector Anthony Marrone. The restaurant has a history of fines for allowing smoking inside.

According to The Record’s September 4, 2015 story, up to that time the Beirut restaurant had $36,717 in fines related to illegal smoking.  That 2015 story also reported that illegal smoking fines had accrued at Clifton’s Sultan Restaurant on Crooks Avenue for $14,563; The Palace, also on Lexington Avenue, for $13,566; and Baranda Cafe on Main Avenue for $9,946 in fines related to indoor smoking accumulated over the last two years.  Hookah smoking had been reported in the locations.

Read The Record’s March 18, 2016 Inspection log.

Read The Record’s September 4, 2015 story here.