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American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends age 21 to be sold tobacco and e-cigarettes (AAP press release)

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On October 26, 2015, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) issued recommendations in three policy statements and were published in their journal Pediatrics.  AAP’s recommendations include that the minimum age to be sold tobacco products including e-cigarettes should be increased to age 21 nationwide, that self-service displays of tobacco these products should be banned, that all flavors of tobacco and nicotine should be banned, that child tamper-proof e-liquid nicotine containers should be mandated.
AAP’s three statements outline recommendations for public policy changes, clinical guidance for physicians to counsel families on reducing exposure and dependence on tobacco, and recommendations for the regulation of e-cigarettes​. A companion technical report provides a review of the scientific evidence that supports the recommendations. AAP’s key findings, conclusions and recommendations include:
  • There is no scientific evidence that supports the efficacy or safety of e-cigarettes as a tobacco dependence treatment product. In fact, e-cigarette use among teens is associated with a higher likelihood of using regular tobacco and lower rates of smoking cessation. In 2014, more young adults reported using e-cigarettes than any other tobacco product.
  • Smoking and other tobacco products that produce toxic emission should be prohibited in all workplaces, including bars, restaurants and health care facilities, and they should be banned in places where children live, learn and play, including sidewalks, recreational and sports facilities, entertainment venues, parks, schools and dormitories, and multi-unit housing. Smoke-free homes and smoke-free vehicles should be promoted.
  • Child-resistant packaging is critically needed to protect curious young children from exposure to liquid nicotine, according to the AAP.

Read the AAP’s October 26, 2015 press release.
Read more in the AAP’s statements published in their journal Pediatrics  on October 26, 2015:Public Policy to Protect Children From Tobacco, Nicotine, and Tobacco Smoke.“and Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems.