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Vaping waste ‘More dangerous than traditional cigarettes’ (Business Waste)

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In the Business Waste management solutions July 24th 2015 article, It is advised that while waste from cigarette still makes up the vast majority of smoking refuse, electronic cigarette produces just as much dangerous landfill waste.

According to the article, ‘ the use of E-cigarettes as a means to give up smoking has now overtaken other methods such as nicotine patches. This means that waste from E-smoking has increased steadily in the last two years, with a majority of the refuse being sent to landfill.

BusinessWaste.co.uk spokesperson, Mark Hall says that although amounts of electronic cigarette waste is relatively small in relation to tons of cigarette waste handled everyday by the waste industry, but it is of a very different type that can be damaging to the environment. E-cigarette refuse is mainly plastic and batteries that can take centuries to break down while causing damage to plants and animals.

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