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University of Texas study finds 25% of college smokers using e-cigarettes

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The May 16, 2015 issue of Addictive Behaviors published a University of Texas study on the use of e-cigarettes by smokers and nonsmokers. The researchers surveyed 698 students from seven four-year colleges in Texas and found:

  • 25% of smokers use e-cigarettes and 3% of non-smokers use e-cigarettes.
  • Hookah use increased among non-smokers (from 2.3% to 4.9%) while it declined among smokers (from 12.9% to 4.3%).
  • E-cigarette use doubled for smokers in the 14-month period and tripled for non-smokers.
  • Other alternative tobacco products, like chew, were not commonly used.
  • Researchers concluded by providing a warning of the implications of their findings, as “the health effects of these products are unknown.”

Read the full study here