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U.S. FTC to study marketing/sales techniques of e-cig marketers (The Gothamist, Nathan Tempey)

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The Gothamist reported that on October 27, 2015 the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC)¬†published a public notice to seek public comment on a proposed study of the e-cigarette industry’s marketing and sales strategies and practices. The comment timeframe was 60 days. The FTC is in the process of reviewing the submitted comments. The proposed study would issue information requests to e-cigarette marketers and use the information as a basis for a report on the sales, marketing activities and expenditures of e-cigarettes.

The first step is for the FTC to get clearance from the Office of Management and Budget to collect information from five large and ten smaller e-cigarette marketers. The public notice seeks public comment on the proposed collection of information from these marketers.

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