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Smoking to be banned from Play Parks (Edinburgh News, John-Paul Holden)

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On September 15, 2015, the Edinburgh News reported that smoking is to be banned in Edinburgh, Scotland’s public outdoor children’s play parks, school playgrounds and entrances to city owned buildings and courtyards. This new policy may include e-cigarettes. ‘No Smoking’ signs will be displayed in areas such as children’s outdoor park areas, school playgrounds, entrances to city owned buildings and courtyards. The new policy is community-oriented, with plans for community festivals, “fun days’ and council run celebrations.

Although there has been some backlash against this proposition, Professor Alison McCallum, the director of public health and health policy at NHS Lothian said: “Smoking is the most common single, preventable cause of ill-health and early death in our communities.”

Similarly a city council spokeswoman said: “This updated policy recognizes that non-smokers, including children don’t have a choice when it comes to protecting themselves from passive smoking in public places.”