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Smokers Create Long-Lasting Damage (UCR Today)

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Recent studies by UCR (University of CA, Riverside) find that toxicity caused by second-hand smoke remains long after the smoker leaves. Thirdhand smoke (THS) is the remnants of cigarette smoke long after it has dissipated into the air. The microscopic particles of the smoke stick to the dust and to surfaces that have absorbed it. Researchers fear that chemical transformations that take place as smoke remnants age could be particularly harmful to toddlers and the elderly, as well as anyone who comes in close contact with contaminated surfaces.

UCR researchers have been studying THS for the past couple of years with the support of several grants from UC Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program, which administers UC’s portion of tobacco tax revenue and other anti-smoking funders. Read a March 6, 2013 news article about the research.

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