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Smokefree casinos like Revel in Atlantic City a growing trend

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Read this article by the Press of Atlantic City highlighting the trend in smokefree gaming venues. Maryland, Delaware, Ohio and future casinos to open in Massachusetts will all be smokefree. Smokefree Revel Atlantic City CEO, Kevin DeSanctis says about smokefree gaming “That’s what the markets ultimately are going to demand, that’s what governments are going to demand and that’s what employees are going to demand.”

DeSancits doubts that Revel’s lower-than-expected gaming revenue is caused from their no-smoking policy. In the article he says, “Clearly, when people look at our numbers, they say, ‘Yeah, that’s the reason that you’re not at where you’re supposed to be at. I don’t know the answer yet, but that would be a convenient excuse for me.”

Read this article published May 12, 2011 in VegasInc which predicts more lawsuits against casinos after the victory of Vincent Rennich, a casino pit boss who won a $4.5 million settlement last year against the Tropicana in Atlantic City. Rennich, a nonsmoker, was diagnosed with lung cancer at age 48 after 25 years at the Tropicana. Visit our news alert about Mr. Rennich’s lawsuit.

Read more about the Revel Resort that opened as the first smokefree gaming establishment in Atlantic City, NJ.