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S2988 would allow smoking in a proposed private research facility (The Star-Ledger, Reporter Matt Friedman)

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A Neptune business has asked its State Senator to sponsor a bill that allows smoking inside for research purposes. According the June 11, 2015 Star-Ledger story, GASP stated that the bill does not define what constitutes a research facility, nor does the bill provide criteria for how a research facility would be provided the waiver. GASP noted that it would expose employees to secondhand smoke indoors, and that research can take place outside.

Neptune business Celerion claimed in the article that if the bill does not pass, that they would move their business elsewhere. According to GASP’s online research, the Celerion facility has been closed.

In addition, GASP’s online research of Inflamax found its May 21, 2015 press release that they are opening a facility in NJ to conduct not only clinical studies on diabetes and Alzheimer’s, but also to provide other services such as data management, biostatistics and writing. Testing that relates to smoking was not mentioned in their press release.