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Russia offers smoking cessation to combat high smoking rates amongst women and young people

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Russia celebrates the “World No Tobacco Day” on May 31 under the slogan: “May 31st – The Day To Quit Smoking. Forever.”
In Russia, smoking remains the most widely-spread ill habit. Up to 65% of Russian males and up to 30% of females are smokers.

The number of smokers in Russia has increased by 440,000 people during the recent two decades. The growth is based on the involvement of new social groups – women and young people. The share of smoking women in the age group of 20-29 is ten times as much as in the group of women over 60.

“This year all those who want to quit smoking will have a wonderful opportunity to quit with thousands of other people who care about their own health. You won’t be alone here – you will quit with thousands of other people,” a message from Russia’s Healthcare Ministry said.

The results of the “Healthy Russia” campaign launched in 2009 showed that there are a lot of smokers in Russia who want to quit smoking.