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Pennsylvania introduces bill to increase age to 21 for tobacco sales and purchase (ABC News 27, Andrew Forgotch)

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On October 16, 2015 ABC27 News 27 reported that Pennsylvania State Rep. Vanessa Lowery Brown (D-Philadelphia) introduced a bill H.B. 1628 to raise the legal age from 18 to 21, to sell and to purchase tobacco (not include electronic smoking devices).  The hope is that this raising the age may delay the start of younger people start smoking.

Read more in Rep. Lowery Brown’s October 13, 2015 press release.

The current Pennsylvania state law requiring 18 years be the minimum age for both the sale and purchase of tobacco can be found here.

GASP comment: Current Pennsylvania law does not ban the sale of electronic smoking devices (ESDs) to persons under age 18.  H.B. 1628 does not add in ESDs.