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NJ Governor Christie at Cedar Grove Town Hall on why he vetoed the statewide smokefree parks bill

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In response to a resident asking why Governor Christie vetoed the smokefree parks and beaches state bill, Governor Christie used the slippery slop argument that a state law banning smoking at all NJ public parks and recreational areas would lead to calls for other statewide bans, like the type of beach chairs that can be used, etc.  He shared that his mother and both grandfathers died from cancer caused by smoking, and that he is asthmatic and secondhand smoke bothers him personally.
Listen to the WCBS 880 Radio coverage of Governor Christie responding to this resident on why he vetoed the statewide smokefree parks and rec areas law below:
GASP comment:
The state bill had overwhelming bipartisan support.  It passed in Spring 2014, and Governor Christie waited until September 11, 2014 to veto it. The legislature could override his veto, but to date no vetoes by Governor Christie have been attempted to be overridden.
More than 1/2 of all NJ local and county parks are smoking restricted, as per local or county law.  Some local parks are smokefree, even though county parks in the same town are not due to the county not banning smoking in their county-owned parks.  This inconsistent policy amongst one town and its county creates confusion about where one can/not smoke.