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NJ Gov. Christie vetoes tobacco 21 age of sale bill; signs into law requiring child-resistant nicotine packaging (Star-Ledger, Item of Millburn/Short Hills,)

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On the last day to sign or veto bills, NJ Governor Christie vetoed the bill to require the age of sale be 21 to be sold tobacco and e-cigarettes, and signed into law the bill that requires child-resistant packaging of any form of nicotine used for electronic smoking devices.

GASP Executive Director Karen Blumenfeld, Esq. is quoted in several stories. Here are all news clips to date on the topics:
1-19-16 NJ Star-Ledger article on vetoing tobacco 21 quotes Blumenfeld:

  • “It’s unthinkable that leadership doesn’t support policy to eradicate the number one cause of disease and death – smoking,” Karen Blumenfeld, Executive Director of Global Advisors on Smokefree Policy. “Not only will tobacco age 21 saves lives, but will also save $3 billion in NJ taxpayer dollars per year.”

1-19-16 Wall Street Journal on vetoing tobacco 21 quotes Blumenfeld:

  • “The Governor’s decision was a “travesty. We do hope that the governor reconsiders his position … especially in light of his heartfelt remarks in regards to his family member being addicted to smoking and the tragedy that his family went through,” Ms. Blumenfeld said, referring to public comments Mr. Christie has made about his mother, a longtime smoker who battled lung cancer.

1-19-16 The Item of Millburn and Short Hills on vetoing tobacco 21 (north jersey.com) quotes Blumenfeld.

1-19-16 Associated Press (AP – The Big Story) on vetoing tobacco 21 and signing the bill to require child-resistant nicotine used in electronic smoking devices.  The AP quotes Dr. Rob Crane, a national champion on tobacco 21 initiatives including in New Jersey.

1-19-16 Philadelphia Inquirer on vetoing tobacco 21, quoting the Campaign for Tobacco-free Kids and  Ethan Hasbrouck from American Cancer Society.
1-19-16 Asbury Park Press on vetoing tobacco 21
1-19-16 Statement from Campaign for Tobacco-free Kids on the veto of NJ’s tobacco 21 bill