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New York City raises age of sale for tobacco products to 21 (The New York Times, Associated Press, The Christian Monitor)

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On November 19, 2013, New York City Mayor Bloomberg signed into law a bill that bans the sale of tobacco, including electronic smoking devices, to people under age 21. Read the Long Island Newsday article about the new law.

Gasp was invited to the Mayor’s signing by bill sponsor councilman James Gennaro. GASP testified at the bill signing, was personally thanked by Mayor Bloomberg after his bill signing, and was thanked in Councilman Gennaro’s press release.

Read Gasp’s press release and our list of jurisdictions with age of sale restrictions of more than 19

Listen to Councilman Gennaro’s interview on News4 New York.

Mayor Bloomberg tweeted about the new law, as did the New York Times by quoting Councilman Gennaro. Read an Associated Press news article and view a video of Mayor Bloomberg’s signing from The Christian Monitor.

Read more about raising the age of sale higher than 18 on GASP’s webpage.