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New York and New Jersey Join Forces to Raise Tobacco Age of Sale to 21

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New Jersey Senator Richard Codey and New Jersey Assemblyman Ruben Ramos have introduced legislation to increase the cigarette-buying age to 21. Read the New Jersey Senate and Assembly bills.

The New Jersey lawmakers joined forces with New York state lawmakers who have proposed similar legislation. It is believed that a regional effort will be more effective since it would be too easy to cross the state line to purchase tobacco products without the collaborative effort. Go to the City of New York’s website to read the press release about the proposed legislation, and a New York Times article about the collaborative effort.

“Research shows that a large majority of casual smokers become addicted between the ages of 18 and 21. If we can limit access to tobacco products during those formative years it will buy them time that could save their lives,” Senator Codey is quoted as saying in this PhillyBurbs.com article about raising the age of sale to 21.