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New Orleans bans smoking in casinos and bars

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On January 22, 2015, by unanimous vote the New Orleans City Council adopted Ordinance Calendar No. 30,455 which bans smoking and the use of electronic smoking devices in many public places including gambling halls, video poker venues, off-track betting parlors, bingo parlors and bars.  Correctional facilities, educational institutions, public buildings, a percentage of hotel and motel rooms, and workplaces with 2 or more employees are included.
Exempted are cigar and hookah bars in operation before January 8, 2015, tobacco retail stores and electronic smoking device businesses, the convention center during private events and Bourbon Street.
The new law will be enforced by the local health, parks, recreation, code enforcement and permitting departments and NOLA patrol (no police enforcement).  Fines can be assessed against the smokers, and the business owners/managers.  The law takes effect in 90 days from January 22.  The ordinance amends Article II of Chapter 66, Sections 66-36 through 66-100 of the New Orleans City Code.
Read more on the New Orleans City Council’s webpage and the January 22 Associated Press story.