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Bill Introduced in New Jersey State Senate Would Ban Smoking in Cars with Children (TV, ABCTV, Reporter Michelle Charlesworth)

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7 Online (ABC)’s Michelle Charlesworth reports on a bill introduced into the New Jersey State Senate that would allow police to issue a ticket to those caught smoking with children 17 or under in the car. It would be a secondary offense, which means drivers cannot be pulled over for the smoking and would first need to be pulled over for another violation.

“This bill is requiring that parents in a car with kids not smoke, because we have to take care, they have no say so,” Assemblyman Charles Mainor said. Assemblyman Mainor is the co-sponsor of the bill, along with State Senator Joseph Vitale.

GASP’s Executive Director Karen Blumenfeld, Esq. was interviewed by Michelle Charlesworth on the dangers of smoking in cars with children and is featured in the video below.