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N.J. Drivers Who Smoke With Kids In Car Could Face Fines (The Star-Ledger, Reporter Susan Livio)

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New Jersey Sen. Joseph Vitale (D-Middlesex), chairman of the Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee, introduced a bill last month that would ban smoking while driving  if children under the age of 17 are in the vehicle.

This would be a “secondary” offense; police officers would not be permitted to pull over motorists merely because they had smoked in the presence of those under the age of 17.

“Driving is privilege, it’s not a right,” Vitale said. “Just like we have to obey the rules of the road in a manner that is safe, smoking in a car when a child is present is dangerous and should not be permitted.”

GASP’s Executive Director Karen Blumenfeld, Esq. is quoted in the article saying “We do hope this bill does finally get traction. This is placing children at risk.”  “In an enclosed space, there is no safe level of second-­‐hand smoke. Children do not have wherewithal to extricate themselves from this environment,” said Blumenfeld.

New Jersey and 17 other states already have recognized the health threat to foster children. Foster parents are required to provide a smoke-­‐environment under state rules, which includes the home, car and property.

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