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More evidence from California that kids are rapidly taking up ecigs, with faster market penetration among younger kids

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In a blog post by Dr. Stanton Glantz, an expert on tobacco control from UCSF, posted on the Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education website, reports that on December 18, 2014, the California Department of Education reported that e-cigarettes were being adopted much faster than conventional cigarettes among California youth.

These data, collected from over 450,000 youth during the 2013-4 school year showed that 3.9 times as many 7th graders were using e-cigarettes than conventional cigarettes, 2.3 times as many 9th graders, 1.7 times as many 12th graders, and about the same rate (1.1 times) for nontradtional (continuation, community day, and other alternative school types) students.