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Montclair Bans Head Shops In N-C Zones (Eric Kiefer, Montclair Patch)

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According to the Montclair Patch on December 10, 2015 the Montclair Township council approved an ordinance during its Tuesday meeting to prohibit “head stores” in Neighborhood-Commercial (N-C) zones.

The new law defines head shops as any retail business that sells “drug paraphernalia,” including “syringes, needles, eye droppers, spoons, pipes, testing kits, rolling papers or other paraphernalia or appliances designed for or ordinarily used in smoking, testing, weighing, measuring, injecting, cooking or sniffing marijuana, cocaine, opium, hashish or other controlled dangerous substances.”

According to the township code, N-C zones can include mixed residential/nonresidential buildings (maximum density of 28 units per acre), retail stores, restaurants, business and personal offices and churches.

The Montclair Planning Board also gave its support to the N-C head shop restriction.