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Massachusetts establishes 18 years as minimum age of sale statewide; passes stronger regulation on child-resistant Packaging (The Daily Item, Gayla Cawley)

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On September 17, 2015, The Daily Item reported that Massachusetts would be joining most other states in banning e-cigarettes to people under 18. However, Peabody, Massachusetts is taking a step further by making the minimum age of sale on tobacco products and e-cigarettes in its city 21 years old.

The State regulations take effect on Sept. 25. The regulations include establishing a minimum sales age of 18 statewide except where towns may already have a higher minimum age; prohibiting sampling, promotional giveaways and other free distributions related to e-cigarettes; prohibiting any sales of e-cigarettes other than a face-to-face exchange; and requiring retailers to store product in a location only accessible to store employees.

The only regulation that will not go into effect on Sept. 25 but rather on March 15, 2016 is requiring nicotine liquid or gel to be sold in child-resistant packaging that meets federal standards. According to Healey’s office, the regulation addresses concerns that children ingest e-liquid and gel because they are attracted to the packaging of e-cigarettes and e-liquids that come in “bright colors and child-friendly flavors such as bubble gum, French toast and gummi bear”.