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Kingman approves law banning smoking while driving with kids. (DailyMiner, Doug McMurdo)

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On May 21 2015,  a DailyMiner news article reported that the Kingman, Arizona City Council unanimously voiced support for an ordinance prohibiting people from smoking in vehicles while minors are present. The prohibition is to take effect from June 18 , a fine of $50 will be levied for first time offenders and $100 for subsequent offenses.

Although a small group of Phoenix-area business owners who sell e-cigarettes requested that the council remove the smokeless, tobacco-less products from the ordinance, Councilman Stuart Yocum said he would not be willing to remove e-cigarettes from the ban because it would be too much to expect an officer to differentiate between an e-cigarette and a regular cigarette.

The Kingman Youth Coalition-Beating Up Teen Tobacco lobbied for the ordinance saying they did so to “protect those who cannot protect themselves” from the dangers of secondhand smoke.

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