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Hillsdale N.J looks to raise age of sale for tobacco to 21 (The Record, Andrew Wyrich)

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According to an article by The Record, on October 20, 2015 the Borough Council of Hillsdale introduced an ordinance that would raise the legal age to purchase tobacco including electronic smoking devices to 21.

Despite pushback from local businesses citing that the ordinance should be put off till Trenton raises the legal age statewide or that it would make no difference since 19- and 20-year olds can purchase from other towns, the Council did not seem to agree.

“If every municipality were to pass such an ordinance, maybe Trenton will get the picture and do it also,” Councilman Larry Meyerson said. “I think that’s the better way of doing it, rather than simply asking Trenton for a resolution. I think that has no teeth whatsoever.”  The council voted unanimously to introduce the ordinance.

You can read more about Hillsdale’s age of sale on Northjersey.com