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France’s consumer protection agency issues e-cigarette refill warning (The Connexion)

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According to The Connexion, France’s English- Language Newspaper reported on September 30, 2015 that, users of e-cigarettes have been warned that the vast majority of refills are sub-standard with 90% containing chemicals not mentioned on the labels. The alarming report from the French consumer protection agency DGCCRF also showed that 13 out of the 14 chargers tested were sub-standard and nine had a risk of electric shock due to insulation failure.

Chemical tests on 110 refill liquids showed the majority did not contain the quantity of nicotine liquid specified on the label – with 6% being dangerous for not having child-proof caps or proper labelling. Already nearly 60,000 products have been withdrawn from the market and the agency said it was warning manufacturers, importers, distributors and shops to respect the regulations.

Nearly three million French people ‘vapotent’ regularly – half of them every day – and France is Europe’s No1 market for ‘vaping’, just ahead of the UK, in a market worth €395million, with two-thirds of that being for refills.