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FDA reports increase in incident reports from non-using consumers on Electronic Smoking Devices

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On June 22nd, 2015

Tobacco Control, a journal on tobacco control research and analysis published a report on an increase in incidents involving Electronic Smoking Devices (ESDs) to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The reports are voluntary, coming from consumers, healthcare providers, and members of the public. The reports document adverse experiences with ESDs, either through physical malfunction or health issues.

  • The health issues include respiratory symptoms, headaches, nausea, bronchitis and asthma exacerbations, and irregular heart rate.
  • The health issues were found in non-users who were exposed to ESDs mostly in indoor areas
  • Other concerns included burns received from overheating and exploding devices, as well as one documented case of an infant death after choking on an e-liquid cartridge.
  • The FDA predicts more reports of adverse experiences to surface as the popularity of ESDs increases

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