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Essex County’s new smokefree parks law includes Montclair’s county parks (Montclair Times, Nicholas Katzban)

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On October 18,2015 the Montclair Times reported that the Essex County Board of Chosen Freeholders voted unanimously in favor of a smokefree county parks law on October 7, 2015.  The new law includes banning the use of electronic smoking devices at the county parks and recreational areas too.

The county parks in Montclair that are covered by the new law include Anderson Park, Brookdale Park, Glenfield Park, Mill’s Reservation and the Presby Memorial Iris Gardens.

Freeholder Brendan Gill, who resides in Montclair, was the lead sponsor of the new county law.  He previously served as Chief of Staff for the late U.S. Senator Frank Lautenberg who was a leading supporter of smokefree environments, including his initiative to make the airlines smokefree decades ago.  Freeholder Gill appreciated that a local Montclair State University resident who is also a GASP Intern, spoke at the Freeholder meeting to share why smokefree parks are important.

Enforcement and violations for the new smokefree county parks law are a written warning for the first offense, second resulting in $100, and third $200. The county law takes effect on October 28, 2015 20 days from October 7, 2015.

On April 29, 2014, Montclair’s City Council passed an ordinance making all municipal parks and recreational areas 100% smokefree.