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E-cigarettes not part of the Golden Globes

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GASP Executive Director Karen Blumenfeld alerted University of San Francisco professor Dr. Stan Glantz, about an e-cigarette company using the “Golden Globes” award show name in an unauthorized manner. The e-cigarette company placed their products in swag bags to be given to award nominees at a private suite in the Beverly Hills Hilton hotel, and marketed the swag bags using the Golden Globe brand. Dr. Glantz notified the California Attorney General’s office, who notified the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) which owns the trademarks and copyrights to the Golden Globe Awards. In response, the HFPA issued a cease and desist letter to the e-cigarette company. The Attorney General’s office also confirmed with HFPA that e-cigarette use will be prohibited during the Golden Globes’ awards show. Read Stan Glantz’s blog and the cease and desist letter.