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Parents Unaware of Negative Health Effects from Hookah Smoking (Daedalus Enterprises Respiratory Care Journal)

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A new study in Respiratory Care Journal by the University of Tampa found that parents of college students lack awareness and knowledge of hooking smoking and its health effects. In this study, the researchers organized and recorded forty-four telephone interviews with parents of college students. The questions explored explore perceptions, beliefs, behaviors, and information seeking about hookah smoking, and software revealed themes in the responses.

  • Parents were lacking in awareness and knowledge of hookah smoking and health consequences. They often equated hookah smoking with bong use from their own college experiences.
  • Some parents even thought that hookah smoking had beneficial effects, while others disapproved of hookah smoking or believed in moderation.
  • Overall, parents are not receiving consistent messages on hookah smoking.
  • The researchers concluded that informing parents of risky behaviors like hookah smoking Is necessary to also inform young adult children.
  • Delivering the message to parents and children may be worthy approach when developing campaigns want to deter hookah smoking.
  • Hookah smoking remains a public health concern.

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