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Army Corps dune line affecting beach smoking decision (Christopher Smith, Shore News Today)

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A proposed U.S. Army Corps of Engineers project in Wildwood Crest is hindering the Wildwood Crest Board of Commissioners from making a decision on how to address smoking on Crest beaches. At the Dec. 14 commissioners meeting, Mayor Carl Groon said the borough does not yet have the final plans for the dune, which the Army Corps plans to construct from North Wildwood to Diamond Beach. Groon said he would like to see what is going to happen with the dune before the borough enacts a no smoking policy on the beach. He said the borough could adopt a total smoking ban on the beach, or set up designated smoking areas. If smoking is banned on the beach, the proposed 16-feet high dune would be an obstacle for people wanting to leave the beach to smoke. Groon said one suggestion was to put the smoking area near the trash receptacles, which are midway between the street and the water’s edge. Cabrera said his original thought was to locate smoking areas near the dune walkovers that would have to be constructed.

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