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Chinese Delegates Visit New Jersey


Delegates from China visited New Jersey’s Office of Tobacco Control on September 24, 2010. GASP Executive Director, Karen Blumenfeld, gave a presentation during the visit. The presentation consisted of key federal and state tobacco control legislation which regulates the use, manufacturing, marketing and sale of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products. Other topics covered: emerging trends in smokefree multi-unit housing; outdoor tobacco-free recreation areas; health and safety concerns of hookahs/water pipes; and other tobacco-related products not FDA-approved for cessation including electronic cigarettes. The guests participated in the sessions with the help of two translators. Left, Vincent Zhang, a translator and organizer of the event from Sunels International, is shown with Janis Mayer, Program Manager for the Office of Tobacco Control for New Jersey. Additional participants are shown working, above, and in group photos, below.

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