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All Federally-Funded Housing is proposed to go Smokefree (Northjersey.Com, Monsy Alvarado, John Sealsy And Anrew Wyrich; Associated Press) 

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On November 12, 2015, The Record news reported that the federal government announced a proposal that would snuff out smoking inside and outside public housing complexes, including apartments.

The proposed rule, by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, would require each public housing agency to implement a smoke-free policy in all living units, indoor common areas and administrative office buildings on public housing property. The policy would also extend to all outdoor areas up to 25 feet from the housing and administrative office building.This proposed policy already has support from advocates and smoking and non-smoking tenants of the public housing in North Jersey.

Executive director Karen Blumenfeld expressed her support of the policy saying, “This is making great strides to protect all people from secondhand smoke and ‘thirdhand’ smoke, It’s impacting not only the tenants residing in that unit at that point in time, but tenants that will be residing in the unit in the future.”  She also expressed her hope that “e-cigarettes” would be included in the proposed federal rule.

The ban is expected to take effect 18 months after the proposal rule is finalized.

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